Every room at The Getaway by any other standard would be called a piece of furniture. Each room is flat enough to sleep on and can fit two adults, three children, or eighteen to twenty-six watermelons.

The Couch

Our most luxurious accommodation. It's soft. It's flat. It has a blanket. It has pillows. What more could you possibly ask for? (Don't say privacy. The couch has very little privacy.)

The Arm Chair

While you might not be able to stretch your legs out straight, it sure is cozy. Includes a broad collection of various animal hairs and furs at no extra cost.

The Kitchen Chair

Yes, you'll need to sleep upright, your partner or kids will need to curl up in your lap, and your dairy aire will fall asleep before you do, but isn't a getaway about being close to the ones you love?

The Window Sill

Technically it's the window stool (the sill is the flat piece of trim at the base of the window on the outside), but we're not splitting hairs here. We recommend taking your socks off and dangling your feet into the that cool Narnian air. Just don't fall out. Please.

The Goat

A non-traditional room to be sure, the goat will keep you warm all night. We expect you will find the prospect of waking up somewhere unexpected quite the thrill.